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Electronic distributor - Pertronix - 12 Volts - IGNITOR III

Electronic distributor - Pertronix - 12 Volts - IGNITOR III

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Brand : Pertronix

Reference : SP-111854

The 009 distributor Pertronix 12 volts with centrifugal curve equipped with Pertronix III ignitor module is one of the best products.

Perfect for improving the performance of your engine by ensuring ignition reliability. 

It is only compatible with 0.32 ohm coils which deliver very strong spark power to the plugs. 

It contains a micro-processor that adapts the Dwell angle according to the speed of your engine in order to always offer the best ignition and allows you to adjust the rupture from 4,500 to 9,000 rev/min. by sections of 100 rev/min.

Static stall: 10° degrees at idle

The advantages :
- ease of assembly
- no more adjustments to make
- improves combustion thanks to a better spark in the plugs.
- less pollution
- no more point failures from 5500 rev/mn
- decreased consumption
- better idle
- improved ignition

Be careful when connecting it: when assembling the module, it is imperative to correctly identify the cables to the coil, otherwise the electronic module will be immediately destroyed. 

Caution: an electronic distributor requires a static setting with an LED lamp (and never a warning lamp) and a dynamic strobe gun. A classic light bulb would burn the module as well as an incorrect connection (reversal of poles + and -).

For the static tunning: it is imperative to use a specific LED, do not forget to add it to your order reference: SP-20026.

Burnt module: no guarantee

Electrical parts are not guaranteed or exchanged.

For type 1 and type 4 engines prepared.

Maximum quality product.

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