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Sealed Power Engine Assembly Prelubes - 50g

Sealed Power Engine Assembly Prelubes - 50g

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Reference : SP-20203

Sealed Power engine assembly prelubes have been proven effective by more than 30 years of use on the assembly lines of U.S. car, truck, and off-road engine manufacturers. They are formulated especially for prelubrication of camshaft lobes and lifters (mechanical and hydraulic) prior to engine oil circulation. 

Also recommended for bearings, valve stems, rocker arms, push rod tips, and other metal-to-metal contact areas within the engine. Prelube increases load-carrying capacity of the engine oil during break-in to prevent scuffing and galling. The prelubes have special additives which withstand the extreme pressures exerted on cams and lifters. 

These easy flowing petroleum based lubes function as oil additives, which will not affect oil viscosity. They also hold fast to surfaces on which they are applied and won't run off like engine oil, even after prolonged storage time.
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