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Tool - piston ring compressor - 85,5 mm

Tool - piston ring compressor - 85,5 mm

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Reference : SP-504-410

JAYCEE piston ring compressor for piston diameter 85.5 mm.

Here is a very interesting tool that will make your life easier. Developed by JAYCEE for CB PERFORMANCE, this tool allows you to install your pistons in the cylinders in a few seconds.

Currently to grip the pistons, it is essential to use a segment collar and tap on the piston with a wooden handle to lower it.  With this compressor, just slide the piston into it and position the tool on top of the cylinder and push the piston in by hand and you're done. 

With a remarkable quality and finish, the product is available in different diameters 85.5 / 87 / 88 / 90.5 / 92 / and 94 in order to adapt it to its preparation. 

Top quality product.
Made in the USA.
Supplied individually.
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