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Water Heater - Malaga 5 - PROPEX

Water Heater - Malaga 5 - PROPEX

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Reference : SP-73574

The Propex Malaga 5 Water Storage Heater

This high capacity water storage heater is available in two versions, the standard Malaga, with an efficient gas burner, and the Malaga E, which has the additional benefit of a 750 watt electric heating element. Both heaters can provide a quick and efficient supply of hot water for showering and washing in touring and motor caravans. The heater may also be installed in boats used exclusively on inland waterways i.e. Class 1 & 2 and subject to finding a satisfactory mounting position. Being a room sealed appliance it conforms to the requirements of the Boat Safety Scheme.


Large 13 litre capacity – for longer washing and showering facilities
Efficient gas burner – for faster warm up
750W element on Malaga E – use on its own or with the gas burner for even faster hot water
Small flue terminal – neat appearance outside the caravan
Safe – combustion products are completely sealed from the caravan interior
Easy to fit and service – all controls accessible at the rear of the unit
Electronic control – turns on the heater at the flick of a switch and supervises burner operation
Automatic resettable overheat cut out
Compact dimension – more room to route pipework and ducting where necessary
    Applications :
  • Split bus
  • Bay window
  • Transporter T3